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Figure 5

From: Proteomics computational analyses suggest that the carboxyl terminal glycoproteins of Bunyaviruses are class II viral fusion protein (beta-penetrenes)

Figure 5

Common order of proteins in Bunyavirus M segment polyproteins. Related glycoproteins Gn and Gc are in the same order in the polyproteins of prototypic members of the Bunyaviridae. Prior designations of the glycoproteins are indicated in parentheses. Hydrophobic domains were predicted using TMpred. The O-glycosylation rich (mucin-like) region in CCHF was delineated using NetOGlyc 3.1 as described previously by Sanchez and coworkers [46]. These authors also described the indicated potential cleavages of the CCHF polyprotein.

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