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Figure 14 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 14

From: A mathematical model for LH release in response to continuous and pulsatile exposure of gonadotrophs to GnRH

Figure 14

Panel A shows the results of an experiment of Stojilkovic et al.[19] in which rat pituitary cells were exposed to two 30 minute pulses of 100 nM GnRH at one hour intervals. Panel B shows the response of the present model to the same pulses. If, how-ever, the rate of recovery of the calcium channels in the outer membrane is increased from v2 = 0.002 min-1 to v2 = 0.02 min-1 and the rate internalization of receptors is decreased from k11 = 0.08/n nM-1·min-1 to k11 = 0.04/n nM-1·min-1, then the present model gives responses (Panel C) similar to the exerperimental results in Panel A. The ordinate units for Panels B and C are ng.

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