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Table 1 Templates sorted by their overall quality Z-scores and E-values

From: Comparative modeling and docking studies of p16ink4/Cyclin D1/Rb pathway genes in lung cancer revealed functionally interactive residue of RB1 and its functional partner E2F1

Protein Model ID Z-Score Alignment BLAST E-value
RB1 4ELJ-A −0.007 Good 0
P16-INK4A 1MX6-B −0.289 Optimal 7e-032
  1BLX-B −0.528 Good 1e-034
  1BD8-A −0.620 Good 2e-036
  1BI7-B −1.084 Good 6e-042
  2A5E-A −2.110 Good 9e-050