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Table 4 Binding interactions for Rb1 and P16-INK4A

From: Comparative modeling and docking studies of p16ink4/Cyclin D1/Rb pathway genes in lung cancer revealed functionally interactive residue of RB1 and its functional partner E2F1

Receptor protein Interacting protein Interactions (Receptor residue →Interacting protein residue) Bond distance
P16-INK4A CDK4 Arg47:NH2 →Thr 104:OG1 3.6
Arg 80:NH2 → Trp 106: O 2.2
Met 1: N →Val 9: O 3.4
Cys72:N →Thr104:O 2.9
RB1 E2F1 Glu 864:O →Gln 290:2HEZ 2.5
Ser 567:OG →Arg 22:1HH1 2.7
Asp 36: OD2 →Lys 89:1HZ 2.2
Arg 861:2HHZ →Thr 285:OG1 1.9