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Figure 5 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 5

From: Fluctuations in Tat copy number when it counts the most: a possible mechanism to battle the HIV latency

Figure 5

Reaction rate dependence of μ max and μ max + σ max in a ( u , ϵ ) hyperplane. Contour plots of μmax and σmax+μmax in the (u,ϵ) plane with v=v R . The full lines labelled NF1 and NF2 are two contours of μmax, the two dashed lines labelled NB1 and NB2 are contours of σmax+μmax. The operating point of the resistor model is represented by the white circle. The contour values for the NF1 and NB1 contours are chosen so that these lines pass through the operating point of the resistor model. The contours labelled NF2 and NB2 have been off-set from NF1 and NB1 by the same Δ N. The black arrows labelled are the projections of the operating point offsets which need to be achieved in order to induce change in μmax and μmax+σmax respectively by Δ N. For comparison, the grey arrow labelled is the shortest possible path from the operation point to NF2.

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