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Table 1 Hydrophobic interactions observed in the complex between human TLR9 and the ODN

From: Toll-like receptor 9 interaction with CpG ODN – An in silico analysis approach

Amino acid Atoms Nucleotide Atoms
TYR224 CZ C8 C3
VAL248 CG1 C8 C5
VAL290 CG2 G9 C5
VAL312 CB G6 C2
VAL312 CG1 C8 C5
VAL312 CG2 A7 C2
ASP314 CB G9 C5
ARG337 CD,CZ A4 C2,C5,C6
ARG337 CZ T5 C2
ARG337 CB,CZ G6 C2,C4,C5,C6
LYS338 CD A7 C2
LYS338 CD,CE C8 C2
LYS338 CE G9 C2
ASN340 CG T10 C5
VAL364 CG1 C3 C5
ALA365 CB A4 C6
LYS367 CE T5 C4,C5
MET392 CE C3 C2,C3
ARG397 CZ T11 C5