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Table 3 Hydrophobic interactions observed in the complex between mouse TLR9 and the ODN

From: Toll-like receptor 9 interaction with CpG ODN – An in silico analysis approach

Amino acid Atoms Nucleotide Atoms
Tyr224 CE1,CZ C13 C3
Val248 CG1 T14 C7
Glu287 CB,CG,CD T14 C4,C5,C7
Ser311 CB T14 C4
Ser311 CB G15 C6
Val312 CG2 C12 C5
Val312 CB,CG1,CG2 C13 C5, C6
Val312 CB,CG1 T14 C4
Thr334 CB,CG2 G18 C4,C1
Thr334 CB,CG2 T19 C5,C4
Arg335 CA,CB,CG,CD A16 C2,C6
Arg335 CB,CG,CD,CZ C17 C2,C4
Arg335 CD,CZ G18 C2
Arg337 CB,CG,CD,CZ G15 C2,C6
Arg337 CZ C17 C4,C5
Lys338 CB,CG C13 C4
Lys338 CG T14 C2
Phe343 CE1 T10 C5
Val364 CG2 G18 C5
His397 CG,CD2,CE1 T10 C7
His397 CE1 G9 C2,C3
Gln399 CD G9 C5