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Table 1 Agents, the rules they execute, and the agents they interact with

From: Agent-based modeling of competence phenotype switching in Bacillus subtilis

Agent Rules Interacts with
Promoter transcription ComK, ComX, DegU, Repressor
Repressor move, bind Promoter
Ribosome move, bind, translation mRNA
mRNA move, death Ribosome
ComK move, bind Promoter, ComK, MecA
ComS move MecA
ComX move, bind Promoter
DegU move, bind Promoter
MecA move, bind ComK, ComS, ClpC/ClpP
ClpC/ClpP move, bind, death MecA
Culture Model diffusion Nutrients, ComX Peptides
Cell ABM move, shove, generatePeptide, consumePeptide, consumeNutrients, life, death Nutrients, ComX Peptides