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Table 1 Residue changes between β-tubulin isotypes in the binding sites for well-known drugs

From: Determination of the optimal tubulin isotype target as a method for the development of individualized cancer chemotherapy

Isotype Residue changes in the paclitaxel binding site
βIII     S275A   
βVI V23M S25G D26E S275A R276Q  
Isotype Residue changes in the colchicine binding site
βIII   C239S    A315T T351V
βV   C239S    A315T T351V
βVI V236I C239S    A315T T351V
Isotype Residue changes in the vinblastine binding site
βIII     T218A   
  1. Residue changes between tubulin isotypes compared to βI tubulin with respect to the interactions with three well-known spindle poisons: paclitaxel, colchicine and vinblastine. Only residue differences in the respective binding sites are shown.