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Table 3 Binding interactions of receptor protein DAOA with ligand

From: Structural, phylogenetic and docking studies of D-amino acid oxidase activator (DAOA), a candidate schizophrenia gene

Receptor Protein Hydrogen Bonding O-H Ionic Bonding N-O Hydrophobic Interactions C-C
  Amino Acids Dist Amino Acids Amino Acids Dist
DAOA     Ile 119:CB UNK0:C 3.80
Ser 71:CB UNK0:C 3.89
ASN38:OD1 UNK0:H 3.45 No ionic bonds Ser 121:CB UNK0:C 3.56
Gln 36: O UNK0:H 2.85   Thr 122:CG2 UNK0:C 3.78
Ile 119:CG1 UNK0:C 3.84
     Ala 31:CA UNK0:C 3.96