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Table 2 Production profile fit to sauty[3] analytic convection-diffusion profile

From: A physiologically-based flow network model for hepatic drug elimination II: variable lattice lobule models

  Chalf tR P P-1 Keff Keff_rs χ2
Reg_nodiff 8.99e-9 0.2194 min 7.656 0.1306 1.306e-3 1.306e-3 1.83e-9
Reg_diff 9.00e-9 0.2228 min 6.503 0.1538 1.538e-3 1.538e-3 1.90e-9
Perc_nodiff 8.56e-9 8.7990 min 4.069 0.2458 2.548e-3 6.370e-5 66.2e-9
Perc_diff 9.02e-9 18.390 min 3.609 0.2771 2.771e-3 6.928e-5 1.11e-9