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Table 2 Result from comparison of ATP binding site of MK2, MK3 and MK5

From: Homology modeling and ligand docking of Mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 5 (MK5)

MK5 model MK2_2OZA (fastafile) MK2_3M2W (fastafile) MK3_3FHR (fastafile)
Q26 Q68 Q68 Q48
L28 L70 L70 L50
G29 G71 G71 G51
A30 L72 L72 L52
G31 G73 G73 G53
I32 I74 I74 V54
V36 V78 V78 V58
R47 K89 K89 K69
A49 A91 A91 A71
K51* [8, 9] K93 K93 K73
E62* E104 E104 E84
V76 V118 V118 V98
M102** M138 M138 M118
E103 E139 E139 E119
M104 C140 C140 C120
M105 L141 L141 M121
E106 D142 D142 E122
G107 G143 G143 G123
G108 G144 G144 G124
E152 E190 E190 E170
N153 N191 N191 N171
L155 L193 L193 L172
C168 T206 T206 T186
D169* D207 D207 D187
  1. * Amino acid important for binding of ATP [58].
  2. ** Gate keeper residue.