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Figure 2 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 2

From: In-silico models of stem cell and developmental systems

Figure 2

Structural formation of pancreatic organogenesis, in-silico results vs. in-vivo (reproduced from [[44]] ). A. Pancreas organogenesis under normal conditions (top), pancreatic organogenesis under notochord (middle) and aorta ablation (bottom). Left column: red indicates undifferentiated cell count, green indicates pancreatic cell count and black indicates the total cell count. Middle column: red spheres designate an undifferentiated cell, green spheres designate a pancreatic cell. B. Relations between pancreatic organogenesis and blood vessels layout. Three distinct structures of pancreas in-silico prediction (top) vs. in-vivo data (bottom): highly lobulated structure under a reduced vascular network (left) a cauliflower-like shaped under normal conditions (middle) and highly branched structure under enhanced vascular network (right).

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