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Figure 3 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 3

From: In-silico models of stem cell and developmental systems

Figure 3

Simulation of the C. elegans germline recapitulates developmental patterns (reproduced from [[45]] ). A. Simulation (left) and live adult hermaphrodites (right) under baseline/wild-type, elevated, and reduced GLP-1 receptor activity (top, middle, and bottom, respectively). Cell (left) and mask (right) colors indicate proliferative zone (yellow), meiotic prophase (orange), oocytes (yellow-green with orange outline), and sperm (blue). B. Examples of the proliferative zone retained in one arm and lost in the other in the simulation vs. C. elegans mutant. (Top) Gonad development as displayed by the simulation (Bottom) the lag2(q420) mutant which display similar phenotype.

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