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Figure 6

From: Metapopulation epidemic models with heterogeneous mixing and travel behaviour

Figure 6

Comparison between numerical results and analytical estimates. (A) Invasion behaviour for the proportionate mixing case. D /V as a function of α and η for the case r = 0. The colour code is proportional to the average value of D /V as computed from 5000 stochastic runs. The white line corresponds to the global invasion threshold R(α,η) = 1 computed solving numerically the analytical equations. (B) Invasion behaviour for the assortative mixing case. D /V as a function of ε for η = 0.5 and three different values of α, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2. The coloured arrows indicate for the three cases the critical values of ε for which the condition R = 1 is satisfied, as obtained by the analytical equations.

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