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Table 1 The four genes identified by mRMR

From: Computational identification of surrogate genes for prostate cancer phases using machine learning and molecular network analysis

Probe ID Ensembl gene ID Ensembl protein ID Gene symbol Gene function
43355_s_at ENSG00000176014 ENSP00000318697 TUBB6 Microtube formation; gap junction (intercellular communication)
55458_at ENSG00000104177 ENSP00000316950 MYEF2 Myelination repression
54033_at ENSG00000169116 ENSP00000370224 PARM1 Telomerase activity upregulation; prostatic cancer cell immortalization
52890_at ENSG00000177542 ENSG00000177542 SLC25A22 Mitochondrial carrier; energy metabolism