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Table 2 Genes on shortest-paths among the four mRMR-identified genes

From: Computational identification of surrogate genes for prostate cancer phases using machine learning and molecular network analysis

Ensembl gene ID Ensembl protein ID Gene symbol Gene function
ENSG00000091831 ENSP00000206249 ESR1 Hormone receptor; ligand-activated transcription factor
ENSG00000026025 ENSP00000224237 VIM Cytoskeleton formation and maintenance; organization of cell attachment, migration and signaling
ENSG00000138650 ENSP00000264360 PCDH10 Cadherin-related receptor mediating cell-cell adhesion
ENSG00000152661 ENSP00000282561 GJA1 Gap junction (intercellular communication)
ENSG00000150991 ENSP00000344818 UBC Ubiquitination
ENSG00000151623 ENSP00000350815 NR3C2 Mineralocorticoid receptor; ligand-dependent transcription factor
ENSG00000163848 ENSP00000353863 ZNF148 DNA-binding transcription factor; regulator in cell growth and apoptosis
ENSG00000198888 ENSP00000354687 MT-ND1 Mitochondrial NADH oxidoreductase; energy metabolism