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Figure 7 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 7

From: A model to determine the effect of collagen fiber alignment on heart function post myocardial infarction

Figure 7

Parametric study of SV. Contour plots of stroke volume are presented with collagen alignment angle on the x-axis and one of the following parameters of interest on the y-axis. (A) Infarct size, presented as percent area of total LV area. (B) Wall thickness, presented as the ratio of the thickness of the infarct region to the thickness of the remote region in percent. (C) Collagen density presented as the percent of scar volume. (D) The log of the neo-hookean constant for the ground material of the infarct in log(Pa). (E) The log of the Young’s modulus of the collagen filament in log(Pa). (F) The initial crimp angle of the collagen filament in degree. (G) The log of the fiber alignment factor γ. (H) To aid in the interpretation of the contour plots, a plot of stroke volume vs. mean collagen alignment angle is presented for three levels of the fiber alignment factor γ.

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