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Table 2 The common pathways associated to down-regulated genes.

From: Pathway landscapes and epigenetic regulation in breast cancer and melanoma cell lines

Type CCL Pathway name Genes p-value q-value
Melanoma Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction* CSF2RB; IL2RA; TNFSF18; TNFSF15; IFNA1; IL13; IL4; IL12A; IFNB1; TNFRSF10B; BMPR1B; IFNA8; IFNA5; TNFRSF18; LIFR 3.63E-11 4.24E-09
BC   IL2RA; IFNA8; IFNA1; BMPR1B; TNFSF8; IL2; IL26; TNFRSF18 2.92E-04 1.61E-02
Melanoma Jak-stat signaling pathway* CSF2RB; IL2RA; IFNA8; IFNA1; IL13; IFNA5; IFNB1; IL4; IL12A; LIFR 3.09E-08 1.81E-06
BC   IL2RA; IFNA1; IFNA8; IL2; IL26 3.41E-03 6.86E-02
Melanoma PI3K-AKT signaling pathway# IL2RA; IFNA8; IFNA1; IFNA5; IFNB1; IL4; FGF12; MDM2; FGF20 2.11E-04 1.76E-03
BC   IL2RA; IFNA8; IFNA1; THBS2; RXRA; IL2; FGF12; TSC2; FGF20 3.39E-04 1.61E-02
Melanoma Nuclear receptor transcription pathway# NR1D1; AR; NR2E1 3.84E-03 1.36E-02
BC   NR1D1; NR2E1; RXRA; RORB 3.43E-04 1.61E-02
Melanoma Autoimmune thyroid disease IL4; IFNA8; IFNA1; IFNA5 2.71E-04 1.98E-03
BC   IFNA1; IFNA8; IL2 4.56E-03 7.15E-02
  1. Some of the listed pathways are associated to up-regulated genes in BC (*) and in melanoma (#).