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Table 3 The rest of common pathways associated to up or down-regulated genes in both cancer cell lines.

From: Pathway landscapes and epigenetic regulation in breast cancer and melanoma cell lines

Gene expression Pathway name Genes p-value q-value
Up-BC P53 signaling pathway ATM; MDM2; PPM1D; APAF1; TP73 2.01E-03 4.56E-02
Down-melanoma   TNFRSF10B; MDM2; CASP8; BAI1 7.57E-04 4.12E-02
  Pathways in cancer CDKN2B; CEBPA; CASP8; AR; FGF12; MDM2; FGF20 3.65E-03 1.33E-02
Up-BC   PGF; PTGS2; CEBPA; TGFB3; WNT1; JUN; DCC; STAT5B; CSF2RA; WNT2B; MDM2; RAF1; PAX8; IL8 1.05E-04 9.17E-03
Up-melanoma Regulation of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) transport and uptake by IGFBPs IGF2; IGFBP6 7.77E-03 4.09E-02
Down-BC   IGFBP1; MMP2 8.00E-03 9.59E-02