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Table 3 Scaling exponents from LSLR of BMR predictions using Equation (4) or Equation (5) with parameters that optimise the fit to data of White and Seymour.

From: Data from necropsy studies and in vitro tissue studies lead to a model for allometric scaling of basal metabolic rate

Source of body-weight data BMR predictions based on:
  Equation (4) Equation (5)
Heusner (10) 0.701 0.704
Kleiber (1, 3) 0.728 0.744
  1. To make the data of Kleiber comparable to other data sets analysed, multiple data points for a species were replaced by a single data point calculated as the average value of body weight and the average value of BMR for the species. The MLE and 95% CI for the scaling exponent calculated from LSLR are, respectively, 0.750 and 0.728 – 0.771.