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Table 1 The four category model: risks and cases for a population of size N.

From: A model of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions and its implications for targeting environmental interventions by genotype

Category Risk of being in category Number of people in category Number of cases in category
ge (high-risk genotype/high-risk exposure) Rge γεN γε RgeN
go (high-risk genotype/low-risk exposure) Rgo γ (1-ε)N γ (1-ε)RgoN
oe (low-risk genotype/high-risk exposure) Roe ε (1-γ)N ε (1-γ)RoeN
oo (low-risk genotype/low-risk exposure) Roo (1-ε) (1-γ)N (1-ε) (1-γ)RooN
Total   N rtN