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Table 1 Time series data of the states and slopes for the didactic example

From: Identification of metabolic system parameters using global optimization methods

Data Points X 1 X 2 X 3
1 5.00e-1 5.00e-1 1.00 -2.66 1.21e -3.81
2 2.91e-1 5.86e-1 6.498e-1 -1.52 5.59e-1 -3.17
3 1.96e-1 6.22e-1 3.73e-1 -3.82e-1 2.08e-1 -2.34
4 2.20e-1 6.42e-1 1.90e-1 9.11e-1 2.69e-1 -1.28
5 3.65e-1 6.87e-1 1.16e-1 1.69 6.39e-1 -2.59e-1
6 4.88e-1 7.63e-1 1.15e-1 6.24e-1 8.42e-1 1.08e-1
7 5.04e-1 8.46e-1 1.24e-1 -1.66e-1 7.85e-1 5.54e-2
8 4.75e-1 9.18e-1 1.25e-1 -3.31e-1 6.49e-1 -3.05e-2
9 4.45e-1 9.76e-1 1.197e-1 -2.52e-1 5.25e-1 -6.29e-2
10 4.26e-1 1.02e-1 1.14e-1 -1.43e-1 4.35e-1 -5.59e-2
11 4.15e-1 1.06e-1 1.09e-1 -8.07e-2 3.73e-1 -3.81e-2
12 4.08e-1 1.099e-1 1.06e-1 -5.99e-2 3.26e-1 -2.51e-2