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Figure 2

From: Bringing metabolic networks to life: convenience rate law and thermodynamic constraints

Figure 2

Comparison of ordered, ping-pong, and convenience kinetics. Kinetic parameters and reactant concentrations were drawn from random distributions; each of the rate laws yields different reaction velocities. Top: concentrations and parameters were drawn from a uniform distribution. The scatter plots show the results from convenience versus ordered kinetics (left, linear correlation coefficient R = 0.94), convenience versus ping-pong kinetics (centre, R = 0.98), and ping-pong versus ordered kinetics (right, R = 0.98). The similarity between convenience and ping-pong kinetics is higher than between ping-pong and the ordered kinetics. Bottom: a log-uniform distribution yields different distributions and smaller correlations, but a similar qualitative result. Again, the plots show convenience versus ordered kinetics (left, R = 0.73), convenience versus ping-pong kinetics (centre, R = 0.90), and ping-pong versus ordered kinetics (right, R = 0.84).

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