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Table 2 Sequential achievement of modeling goals

From: Computer simulation analysis of normal and abnormal development of the mammalian diaphragm

  Simulation I Simulation II Simulation III Simulation IV Simulation V
  Homogeneous Growth Edge Growth Edge Growth with Chest Wall Trophism Edge Growth with Chest Wall Trophism and Tropism Edge Growth with Chest Wall Trophism and Differential Tropism
Development from PPF alone + + + + +
Non-muscular central tendon + + + + +
Central before peripheral differentiation   + + + +
Anterior extension along body wall    +/- + +
Curvilinear morphology of hemidiaphragm     + +
Normal anterior diaphragm ipsilateral to CDH     +/- +
Posterior PPF persists as large CDH      +
  1. The success of individual simulations in reproducing major observed morphological components of the developing normal and CDH diaphragm are tabulated; (+), component present; (+/-), component partially present.