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Table 1 Mean, minimum and maximum parameter values from the optimization of the coupled WB-PBPK model using the Heizmann et al. [11] data (n = 6) and the Kharasch et al. [16] mean data.

From: Dynamically simulating the interaction of midazolam and the CYP3A4 inhibitor itraconazole using individual coupled whole-body physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (WB-PBPK) models

   Heizmann Kharasch
Parameter Mean Min Max Mean
1OH_k1 [L·umol-1·min-1] 5.6E-2 4.1E-2 7.4E-2 2.7E-2
1OH_k-1 [min-1] 8.1E-6 4.3E-21 4.8E-5 1.1E-11
1OH_k2 [min-1] 0.12 0.086 0.24 0.14
CL(1OH) [L·min-1] 75.1 56.7 97.4  
1OH_Km [umol·L-1] 2.2 1.4 3.9 5.3
1OH_Vmax [umol·min-1·gtissue-1] 3.4E-4 2.2E-4 6.6E-4 4.0E-4
Glu_k1 [L·umol-1·min-1]     1.1
Glu_k-1 [min-1]     2.6E-9
Glu_k2 [min-1]     0.11
Glu_Km [umol·L-1]     0.10
Glu_Vmax [umol·min-1·gtissue-1]     7.7E-5
CL(Glu) [L·min-1]     14.5