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Table 4 Definition of the symbols in the Minimal Model

From: A discrete Single Delay Model for the Intra-Venous Glucose Tolerance Test

Symbol Units Definition
t [min] time after the glucose bolus
G(t) [mM] blood glucose concentration at time t
X(t) [min-1] auxiliary function representing insulin-excitable tissue glucose uptake activity, proportional to insulin concentration in a "distant" compartment
Gb [mM] subject's basal (pre-injection) glycemia
Ib [pM] subject's basal (pre-injection) insulinemia
b0 [mM] theoretical glycemia at time 0 after the instantaneous glucose bolus
b1 [min-1] glucose mass action rate constant, i.e. the insulin-independent rate constant of tissue glucose uptake, "glucose effectiveness"
b2 [min-1] rate constant expressing the spontaneous decrease of tissue glucose uptake ability
b3 [min-2 pM-1] insulin-dependent increase in tissue glucose uptake ability, per unit of insulin concentration excess over baseline insulin
SI (b3/b2) [min-1 pM-1] insulin sensitivity index and represents the capability of tissue to uptake circulating plasma glucose