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Table 3 REase enzymes cutting HSV-2 genome in 700 or more times

From: Identification of restriction endonuclease with potential ability to cleave the HSV-2 genome: Inherent potential for biosynthetic versus live recombinant microbicides

Enzyme name Genomic splices (palindrome)
1BmyI* 773 (gdgch/c)
2Bsp1286I*+# 773 (gdgch/c)
3Bst2UI*+ 824 (cc/wgg)
4BstNI*+# 824 (cc/wgg)
5BstOI*+ 824 (cc/wgg)
6EcoRII*+# 824 (/ccwgg)
7HgaI*+# 831 (gacgc)
8MvaI*+# 824 (cc/wgg)
9SduI*+# 773 (gdgch/c)
  1. *Type II restriction enzyme subtype: P; +commercially available; #Enzyme gene cloned 1–9 Source of REase: Bacillus mycoides [21], Bacillus sphaericus [22], Bacillus stearothermophilus 2U, Bacillus stearothermophilus [23], Bacillus stearothermophilus O22, Escherichia coli R245 [24], Haemophilus gallinarum [25] Micrococcus varians RFL19 [26] and Streptococcus durans RFL3[27]