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Figure 3

From: Examination of effects of GSK3β phosphorylation, β-catenin phosphorylation, and β-catenin degradation on kinetics of Wnt signaling pathway using computational method

Figure 3

Time course of total concentrations of β-catenin and axin with transient wnt signaling. Solid line: the original Lee-Heinrich model. Other lines: kG parameter was varied. Long dashed line: kG = 0.1 min-1. Short dashed line: kG = 0.5 min-1. Dashed-dotted line: kG = 1 min-1. Dotted line: kG = 2 min-1. The other kinetic parameters of added reaction steps, kG' and kβ/kβ', were set equal to 1 and 0.1/1 min-1, respectively. The time (in minutes) to maximum β-catenin level is marked for each line.

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