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Table 5 Percent Changes in Stroke Volume in Isolated Ventricular Interactions

From: Using a human cardiovascular-respiratory model to characterize cardiac tamponade and pulsus paradoxus

VPERI (ml) Series Ventricular Interaction Parallel Ventricular Interaction
  % Change in RVSV % Change in LVSV % Change in RVSV % Change in LVSV
15 (control) 30.4 3.3 41.1 2.6
1000 (severe tamponade) 87.8 25.3 40.0 28.9
  1. Percent changes in RVSV and LVSV as a result of a triangular volume pulse delivered to the vena cava under breath-holding at mean PPL. The results for two experimental setups are shown, the first with isolated series ventricular interaction, the second with isolated parallel ventricular interaction for both control (15 ml) and severe tamponade (1000 ml) effusion levels (see text for details). The percent change in LVSV increases with tamponade. Furthermore, for the two effusion levels, the percent change in LVSV is of comparable magnitude for both types of interactions, demonstrating that both are equally significant interactions.