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Table 2 High Level Formatting Comparison

From: A comparative approach for the investigation of biological information processing: An examination of the structure and function of computer hard drives and DNA

Computer Hard Drive DNA Hard Drive
Partitions Physical compartmentalization of chromosomes and chromosome territories, extending to heterochromatin and euchromatin regions. These are imposed in part by MAR's/SAR's attachment points, histone code, repetitive DNA and other non coding RNA's.
Volumes Logical space allocated to chromosome territories including heterochromatin and euchromatin regions.
Clusters Gene sectors defined by the clustering of insulators nodes.
File Access Table (FAT) The implementation of the biological equivalent FAT (BFAT) is manifested by the strategic placement of insulators and enhancer consensus sequences superimposed on the genome. This results in particular insulator clustering in conjunction with inter/intra cellular communication with the epigenetic system. Congruent with the architectural layering of insulator consensus sequences distributed within the genome, BFAT may also be realized within the wetware circuitry of transduction signaling pathways representative of a form of cell firmware.