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Figure 9

From: Propagation of kinetic uncertainties through a canonical topology of the TLR4 signaling network in different regions of biochemical reaction space

Figure 9

Global perturbation landscapes of transcriptional readouts. D-values calculated for each internal reaction parameter modeled, in ten different regions of biochemical reaction space. Each landscape is composed of 3 axes. The reaction parameter axis accounts for each reaction parameter directly or indirectly influencing the transcriptional activation of one of the pro-inflammatory genes. In this way, such axis involves 108 reaction parameters, rather than the whole set of model parameters which amounts to 116. The parameter configuration axis encompasses the 10 points in parameter space analyzed that were found to reproduce relatively well the reported transcriptional outputs. The Z axis indicate the magnitude of the global sensitivities, which are given by the D-values calculated from our global perturbation analysis.

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