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Table 4 D/S Ratios of Central and Pulmonary Venous Flow Volumes

From: Modeling left ventricular diastolic dysfunction: classification and key indicators

D/S Ratio Control IR R PN
Right 1.96 (100%) 1.10 (-44%) 0.67 (-66%) 0.30 (-85%)
Left 0.74 (100%) 0.57 (-23%) 0.85(+15%) 0.46 (-38%)
  1. Diastolic-to-systolic ratios of central (right) and pulmonary (left) venous flow volumes into the heart. Except for pulmonary flow volume in the R-type LVDD case, the D/S ratio drops with LVDD type when compared to control, due to reduced flow during abnormal diastole. In R-type LVDD, the greater degree of systolic dysfunction due to increased septal stiffness has an additional effect on the nature of pulmonary venous flow (Figure 5B4). Percent variation from control is shown in parentheses.