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Figure 7 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 7

From: A local glucose-and oxygen concentration-based insulin secretion model for pancreatic islets

Figure 7

Comparison of the calculated insulin distribution and secretion rate under various conditions. Model calculated concentrations during an increase of incoming glucose to 10 mM (corresponding to t = 120.5 min in Figure 4) in two perifused islets (d = 100 and 150 μm; flow from left to right) under normoxic conditions (A), slightly hypoxic conditions (45 mmHg) (B), and slightly hypoxic conditions and encapsulation (C). Data shown as surface plot are insulin concentration (1; shown color-coded from blue for low to red for high-note different scales) and total insulin secretion rate (eq. 9) (2; color-coded from green for 0 to red for high and shown on same scale). Gray streamlines and arrows illustrate the velocity field of the flowing perifusion fluid, and colored contour lines show isolevels for the perifusing glucose.

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