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Figure 8 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 8

From: A local glucose-and oxygen concentration-based insulin secretion model for pancreatic islets

Figure 8

Comparison of the calculated oxygen and glucose concentrations under various conditions. Model calculated concentrations in two perifused islets under the same conditions as in Figure 7: normoxic (A), slightly hypoxic (45 mmHg) (B), and slightly hypoxic and encapsulation (C). Data shown as surface plot are oxygen concentration (3; shown color-coded from red for low to blue for high with white indicating levels below the critical value C cr,oxy) and glucose concentration (4; shown color-coded from blue for low to red for high). Oxygen concentrations are shown during an increase of incoming glucose to 10 mM (same as in Figure 7); glucose concentrations are shown at a slightly later time point at a constant incoming glucose of 10 mM to avoid the masking effect of the incoming glucose gradient. Note differences in scale between oxygen and glucose, glucose concentrations decreasing by a much smaller percentage than oxygen.

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