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Table 1 Summary of Hill function (eq. 2) parameters used in the present model (Figure 1, eq. 3-9)

From: A local glucose-and oxygen concentration-based insulin secretion model for pancreatic islets

Model Var. C Hf n R max Comments
R oxy, oxygen consumption, base c oxy 1 μM 1 -0.034 mol/m3/s Cut to 0 below critical value, c oxy <C cr,oxy.
R oxy, oxygen consumption, φ o,g metabolic part c gluc 7 mM 2.5 N/A Due to increasing metabolic demand; parallels second-phase insulin secretion rate.
R gluc, glucose consumption c gluc 10 μM 1 -0.028 mol/m3/s Contrary to oxygen, has no significant influence on model results.
R ins,ph2, insulin secretion rate, second-phase c gluc 7 mM 2.5 3 × 10-5 mol/m3/s Total secretion rate is modulated by local oxygen availability (last row).
R ins,ph1, insulin secretion rate, first-phase c gluc/∂t 0.03 mM/s 2 21 × 10-5 mol/m3/s Modulated via eq. 8 to have maximum sensibility around c gluc = 5 mM and be limited at very large or low c gluc.
Insulin secretion rate, φ o,g oxygen dependence c oxy 3 μM 3 N/A To abruptly limit insulin secretion if c oxy becomes critically low.