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Table 1 Predicted pH vs. Measured pH

From: Defining the buffering process by a triprotic acid without relying on stewart-electroneutrality considerations

[H+]i mol/L [OH-]i mol/L K'w K'1 K'2 K'3 [H3A]i mol/L [HA-2]i mol/L [A-3]i mol/L Atot mol/L Predicted [H+]e Predicted pHe Measured pHe
9.9900E-04 1.2870E-05 1.2206E-14 9.2591E-03 7.5261E-08 5.8421E-13 1.2702E-11 9.8598E-03 6.0795E-06 9.9900E-03 9.3446E-09 8.03 7.92
9.9802E-04 8.3093E-07 1.2128E-14 9.2003E-03 7.4783E-08 5.8050E-13 1.7940E-09 8.6018E-03 4.1684E-07 9.9800E-03 2.3305E-08 7.63 7.57
9.9704E-04 3.6692E-07 1.2055E-14 9.1447E-03 7.4331E-08 5.7699E-13 7.9068E-09 7.3044E-03 1.5537E-07 9.9701E-03 4.3085E-08 7.37 7.32
9.9606E-04 2.0872E-07 1.1988E-14 9.0941E-03 7.3920E-08 5.7380E-13 2.0475E-08 6.0547E-03 7.2865E-08 9.9602E-03 7.1549E-08 7.15 7.12
9.9510E-04 1.3056E-07 1.1930E-14 9.0498E-03 7.3559E-08 5.7100E-13 4.2642E-08 4.8869E-03 3.6612E-08 9.9502E-03 1.1446E-07 6.94 6.92
9.9416E-04 8.3333E-08 1.1877E-14 9.0099E-03 7.3236E-08 5.6849E-13 8.1648E-08 3.7791E-03 1.7993E-08 9.9404E-03 1.8817E-07 6.73 6.72
9.9324E-04 5.1978E-08 1.1831E-14 8.9747E-03 7.2949E-08 5.6627E-13 1.5335E-07 2.7402E-03 8.1067E-09 9.9305E-03 3.4187E-07 6.47 6.48
9.9239E-04 3.0170E-08 1.1792E-14 8.9450E-03 7.2708E-08 5.6439E-13 2.9964E-07 1.7922E-03 3.0675E-09 9.9206E-03 8.2868E-07 6.08 6.15
9.9168E-04 1.6510E-08 1.1773E-14 8.9309E-03 7.2593E-08 5.6350E-13 5.9702E-07 1.0652E-03 9.9569E-10 9.9108E-03 7.9634E-06 5.10 5.32
9.9487E-04 2.0932E-09 1.1795E-14 8.9472E-03 7.2725E-08 5.6453E-13 5.2047E-06 1.4838E-04 1.7534E-11 9.9010E-03 4.1477E-04 3.38 3.37
1.4202E-03 2.3151E-11 1.1817E-14 8.9638E-03 7.2860E-08 5.6558E-13 4.5503E-04 1.5900E-06 2.0801E-15 9.8912E-03 9.3769E-04 3.03 3.00
1.9900E-03 9.9614E-12 1.1840E-14 8.9816E-03 7.3005E-08 5.6670E-13 9.9425E-04 6.4561E-07 3.6409E-16 9.8814E-03 1.5388E-03 2.81 2.79
2.5934E-03 6.2133E-12 1.1865E-14 9.0006E-03 7.3160E-08 5.6790E-13 1.4988E-03 3.8016E-07 1.3399E-16 9.8717E-03 2.1727E-03 2.66 2.65
3.2163E-03 4.4753E-12 1.1892E-14 9.0208E-03 7.3324E-08 5.6917E-13 1.9597E-03 2.5898E-07 6.5889E-17 9.8619E-03 2.8245E-03 2.55 2.54
3.8914E-03 3.4342E-12 1.1920E-14 9.0421E-03 7.3497E-08 5.7052E-13 2.4023E-03 1.8779E-07 3.6744E-17 9.8522E-03 3.5284E-03 2.45 2.45
4.5699E-03 2.7834E-12 1.1949E-14 9.0641E-03 7.3676E-08 5.7191E-13 2.7966E-03 1.4429E-07 2.2936E-17 9.8425E-03 4.2333E-03 2.37 2.37
5.2942E-03 2.3151E-12 1.1979E-14 9.0871E-03 7.3862E-08 5.7335E-13 3.1711E-03 1.1375E-07 1.5077E-17 9.8328E-03 4.9831E-03 2.30 2.30
5.9749E-03 1.9991E-12 1.2009E-14 9.1100E-03 7.4049E-08 5.7480E-13 3.4854E-03 9.3674E-08 1.0747E-17 9.8232E-03 5.6856E-03 2.25 2.24
6.7136E-03 1.7411E-12 1.2041E-14 9.1338E-03 7.4242E-08 5.7631E-13 3.7922E-03 7.7712E-08 7.7855E-18 9.8135E-03 6.4459E-03 2.19 2.18
7.5241E-03 1.5252E-12 1.2073E-14 9.1587E-03 7.4444E-08 5.7787E-13 4.0941E-03 6.4726E-08 5.6956E-18 9.8039E-03 7.2775E-03 2.14 2.13
8.3216E-03 1.3593E-12 1.2106E-14 9.1835E-03 7.4647E-08 5.7944E-13 4.3602E-03 5.5049E-08 4.3289E-18 9.7943E-03 8.0938E-03 2.09 2.09
9.1457E-03 1.2220E-12 1.2149E-14 9.2161E-03 7.4911E-08 5.8149E-13 4.6079E-03 4.7274E-08 3.3510E-18 9.7847E-03 8.9351E-03 2.05 2.05
9.9070E-03 1.1177E-12 1.2172E-14 9.2334E-03 7.5052E-08 5.8259E-13 4.8147E-03 4.1542E-08 2.7005E-18 9.7752E-03 9.7110E-03 2.01 2.01
1.0711E-02 1.0253E-12 1.2205E-14 9.2585E-03 7.5256E-08 5.8417E-13 5.0141E-03 3.6598E-08 2.1882E-18 9.7656E-03 1.0529E-02 1.98 1.97
1.1588E-02 9.4044E-13 1.2239E-14 9.2844E-03 7.5467E-08 5.8581E-13 5.2125E-03 3.2191E-08 1.7705E-18 9.7561E-03 1.1420E-02 1.94 1.94