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Table 2 Partitioning of H+ Buffering

From: Defining the buffering process by a triprotic acid without relying on stewart-electroneutrality considerations

[H+]i mol/L H+ buffered by A-3 mol/L H+ buffered by HA-2 mol/L H+ buffered by HA-1 mol/L H+ buffered by OH- mol/L [H+]e mol/L
9.9900E-04 5.5256E-06 9.8190E-04 1.1066E-09 1.1567E-05 9.3446E-09
9.9802E-04 2.2785E-07 9.9745E-04 4.2367E-09 3.1171E-07 2.3305E-08
9.9704E-04 7.1046E-08 9.9683E-04 9.3780E-09 8.7597E-08 4.3085E-08
9.9606E-04 3.2334E-08 9.9590E-04 1.8123E-08 4.1327E-08 7.1549E-08
9.9510E-04 1.7204E-08 9.9491E-04 3.4008E-08 2.6372E-08 1.1446E-07
9.9416E-04 9.5770E-09 9.9387E-04 6.7756E-08 2.0201E-08 1.8817E-07
9.9324E-04 5.2097E-09 9.9272E-04 1.5808E-07 1.7342E-08 3.4187E-07
9.9239E-04 2.5210E-09 9.9100E-04 5.4393E-07 1.5920E-08 8.2868E-07
9.9168E-04 9.8934E-10 9.7557E-04 8.1389E-06 1.5029E-08 7.9634E-06
9.9487E-04 1.7532E-11 1.4672E-04 4.3338E-04 2.0648E-09 4.1477E-04
1.4202E-03 1.6605E-15 8.9429E-07 4.8163E-04 1.0549E-11 9.3769E-04
1.9900E-03 2.1669E-16 2.4538E-07 4.5100E-04 2.2669E-12 1.5388E-03
2.5934E-03 6.3997E-17 1.1239E-07 4.2066E-04 7.5201E-13 2.1727E-03
3.2163E-03 2.6596E-17 6.4006E-08 3.9169E-04 2.6485E-13 2.8245E-03
3.8914E-03 1.2872E-17 4.0158E-08 3.6298E-04 5.5708E-14 3.5284E-03
4.5699E-03 7.1587E-18 2.7510E-08 3.3659E-04 -3.9428E-14 4.2333E-03
5.2942E-03 4.2453E-18 1.9614E-08 3.1116E-04 -8.8908E-14 4.9831E-03
5.9749E-03 2.7824E-18 1.4894E-08 2.8926E-04 -1.1333E-13 5.6856E-03
6.7136E-03 1.8591E-18 1.1434E-08 2.6769E-04 -1.2711E-13 6.4459E-03
7.5241E-03 1.2572E-18 8.8354E-09 2.4657E-04 -1.3397E-13 7.2775E-03
8.3216E-03 8.9060E-19 7.0279E-09 2.2781E-04 -1.3658E-13 8.0938E-03
9.1457E-03 6.4555E-19 5.6698E-09 2.1061E-04 -1.3664E-13 8.9351E-03
9.9070E-03 4.9118E-19 4.7172E-09 1.9601E-04 -1.3578E-13 9.7110E-03
1.0711E-02 3.7582E-19 3.9347E-09 1.8196E-04 -1.3404E-13 1.0529E-02
1.1588E-02 2.8736E-19 3.2799E-09 1.6860E-04 -1.3132E-13 1.1420E-02