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Table 1 Countries initially reporting child imported cases during influenza pandemic (H1N1-2009)

From: The feasibility of age-specific travel restrictions during influenza pandemics

Country Report month Descriptions
Australia [36] May 2009 The first confirmed Victorian case was reported in a child returning from USA
Argentina [37] March 2010 First case detected in Chile's Quake-hit area was a 5-year old child
Brazil [38] May 2009 The first four imported cases were found in young adults who had travelled to Mexico and the USA
China [39] May 2009 The first imported case was a student returning from Canada. The second and third imported cases were notified in students coming from USA
Ecuador [40] May 2009 First case of H1N1-2009 was a student aged 13 returning from the USA
France [41] May 2009 Second imported case was a student aged 17 from Mexico
Italy [42] May 2009 A 11-year-old male child and a 33-month-old infant were confirmed to be the first and third cases of H1N1-2009 in Rome
Japan [43] May 2009 Three teenage students and a teacher were confirmed to be the first four imported H1N1-2009 cases after returning from a school trip in Canada
New Zealand [44] April 2009 The first imported cases in New Zealand arrived in a group of students returning from a visit to Mexico
Portugal [45] June 2009 Third imported case was a 8-year-old child returning from Toronto
Singapore [46] June 2009 Eighth case is a 15-year-old Singaporean male who travelled from India to Orlando and Atlanta
Spain [47] July 2009 13 cases of influenza evacuated from a camp in La Vera. Of the 13 cases, 11 were children
Thailand [48] May 2009 First imported case was a 17-year-old Thai female student returning from Mexico
United Kingdom [49] April 2009 First confirmed case, a pupil at a school in England, was imported
United States of America [50] April 2009 First two cases were identified in two children in California