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Figure 3 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 3

From: Mathematical modeling of solid cancer growth with angiogenesis

Figure 3

Positive equilibrium values varying β 1 . The coordinates of the positive equilibrium points varying β1. In (a) we show the coordinates of the small equilibrium point Q ̄ < * , and in (b), of the big equilibrium point Q ̄ > * . The coordinates of Q ̄ < * is quite insensitive with variation in β1, and in (b) we also show the curves of T C ( C ̄ =0 at T ̄ = T C ) and T g (Ā = 0 at T ̄ = T g ). The small root T<decreases very slowly, while the big one T> increases up to T> = T g , and then, decreases. The scales of vertical and horizontal axes must be multiplied by the factors shown in the legends to obtain the actual values.

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