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Table 1 Symbols and definitions

From: Mathematical modeling of solid cancer growth with angiogenesis

Symbols Definitions
C Concentration of normal cells at time t
E Concentration of epithelial cells at time t
T Concentration of cancer cells at time t
P Concentration of pre-angiogenesis cells at time t
A Concentration of angiogenesis cells at time t
α 1 Intrinsic growth rate of normal cells
α 2 Intrinsic growth rate of epithelial cells
α 3 Intrinsic growth rate of cancer cells
ε Intrinsic growth rate of angiogenesis cells
μ 1 Mortality rate of normal cells
μ 2 Mortality rate of epithelial cells
μ 3 Mortality rate of cancer cells
μ 4 Mortality rate of pre-angiogenesis cells
μ 5 Mortality rate of angiogenesis cells
k 1 Carrying capacity of normal cells
k 2 Carrying capacity of epithelial cells
k 3 Carrying capacity of cancer cells
k 4 Carrying capacity of angiogenesis cells
δ Transfer rate from pre-angiogenesis to angiogenesis cells
γ Epithelial sprouting rate
β 1 Rate of inhibition of normal cells by cancer cells
β 2 Rate of inhibition of cancer cells by normal cells
  1. The summary of the variables and parameters of the model.