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Table 17 Correlations of FAO/WHO and DCCT/EDIC formulas and 12 Harvard categorical food profiling results excluding potatoes and dairy products

From: Future body mass index modelling based on macronutrient profiles and physical activity

Food profiling system FAO/WHO formula r (P) DCCT/EDIC BMI formula r (P) FAO/WHO and DCCT/EDIC formulas averaged r (P)
FAO/WHO Mean BMI for countries adjusted for Weight change/4 years 1.0 0.03 (0.92) 0.70 (0.0115)
DCCT/EDIC BMI change/year formula adjusted for weight change/4 years 0.03 (0.92) 1.0 0.74 (0.0126)
Harvard Diet and Lifestyle Food Profiling Scheme 0.80 (0.0019) 0.57 (0.0507) 0.85 (<0.0004)