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Table 18 Correlations of FAO/WHO and DCCT/EDIC macronutrient profiling formulas and the Harvard categorical food profiling results for 10 potato and dairy products

From: Future body mass index modelling based on macronutrient profiles and physical activity

Food profiling system FAO/WHO formula r (P) DCCT BMI formula r (P) DCCT and FAO/WHO formulas averaged r (P)
FAO/WHO mean BMI for countries adjusted for weight change/4 years 1.0 0.68 (0.0311) 0.95 (< 0.0001)
DCCT BMI change/year formula adjusted for weight change/4 years 0.68 (0.0311) 1.0 0.88 (0.0008)
Harvard diet and lifestyle food profiling scheme −0.12 (0.73) −0.56 (0.09) −0.33 (0.36)