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Table 1 Gene sequences used in the analyses

From: Preliminary evidence of different selection pressures on cancer cells as compared to normal tissues

Gene GenBank Accession Numbers (cancer-related sequences) Probability of Null hypothesis (Hs=Hn) in cancer-related sequences Type of selection P-distance GenBank Accession Numbers (non- cancer-related sequences) Probability of Null hypothesis (Hs=Hn) in non-cancer-related sequences Type of selection Gene function
EGFR GI:998566 GI:998564 0.603 none 0.290 GI:229892268 GI:229892301 GI:229892299 0.212 none Growth factor receptor
LNCaP GI:429094 GI:429093 GI:429091 0.771 none 0.550 GI:19924155 GI:19924154 1.000 none protease present in seminal plasma
HYAL1 GI:24497567 GI:24497563 GI:24497560 0.088 none 0.054 GI:386365498 GI:385648248 GI:385648249 0.751 none candidate tumor suppressor
ALDOA GI:15488980 GI:15277570 GI:38197497 0.234 none 0.090 GI:342187210 GI:342187198 GI:342187192 0.331 none glycolytic enzyme
PTPN3 GI:223941890 GI:223941884 GI:223941878 0.214 none 0.037 GI:223941893 GI:223941875 0.081 none protein tyrosine phosphatase
NBL1 GI:323462168 GI:323276671 GI:323462166 GI:323462167 0.794 none 0.045 NC_000001.10 AC_000133.1 0.549 none bone morphogenetic protein antagonist
BLCAP GI:47939094 GI:28839694 0.385 none 0.033 GI:268370219 GI:268370215 GI:268370223 GI:268370217 0.077 none tumour suppression gene
PRKA GI:331284157 GI:116174749 GI:331284159 0.077 none 0.000 GI:331284154 GI:331284152 GI:331284159 0.497 none regulates the effect of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase signaling pathway
STEAP2 GI:350276262 GI:350276256 GI:350276260 0.301 none 0.128 GI:100913195 GI:100913193 GI:100913197 0.484 none metalloreductase
MAGED2 GI:41350319 GI:29171703 GI:29171704 0.899 none 0.015 NC_000023.10 AC_000155.1 0.034 diversifying negative regulator of wild type p53 activity
FOLR1 GI:262331568 GI:262331573 GI:262331571 GI:262331569 0.470 none 0.007 NC_000011.9 AC_000143.1 1.000 none folate receptor
EWSR1 GI:48734726 GI:38197249 GI:15029674 GI:13435962 0.310 none 0.072 GI:253970505 GI:253970501 GI:253970497 GI:253970503 0.171 none involved gene expression, cell signaling, and RNA processing and transport
SHARPIN GI:21706472 GI:19264111 0.451 none 0.003 GI:333805638 GI:118918414 0.290 none Involved in NF-kappa-B activation and regulation of inflammation
NUDCD1 GI:13111833 GI:27694435 GI:21411491 0.806 none 0.005 GI:189571676 GI:189571678 0.071 none tumor-associated antigen
PMEPA1 GI:51593770 GI:16198474 GI:22121998 GI:9255808 0.878 none 0.032 GI:40317615 GI:40317617 GI:40317619 0.353 none Involved in down-regulation of the androgen receptor
CTAGE5 GI:313882513 GI:30411006 GI:39963693 GI:24659234 0.244 none 0.007 GI:134053863 GI:134053924 GI:134053890 0.002 purifying tumor-associated antigen
IRAK3 GI:34785939 GI:46854383 0.791 none 0.003 GI:216547518 GI:216547503 1.000 none receptor-associated kinase
PLS3 GI:34785158 GI:25058020 GI:288915540 0.255 none 0.015 GI:288915537 GI:288915538 0.243 none actin-bundling protein
PRAME GI:33874094 GI:25123208 GI:21328745 0.121 none 0.019 GI:46249372 GI:46249366 GI:46249370 GI:46249365 0.754 none transcriptional repressor
TNFSF13 GI:33873809 GI:24934971 GI:211938417 0.211 none 0.162 GI:211938416 GI:310750386 GI:310750384 1.000 none possibly involved in regulation of tumor cell growth and monocyte/macrophage-mediated immunological processes
ENOX2 GI:17939422 GI:80478559 0.070 none 0.006 GI:32528292 GI:32528290 1.000 none growth-related cell surface protein
UQCC GI:114108213 GI:77415336 GI:111598967 GI:296923772 0.452 none 0.008 GI:296923778 GI:296923775 1.000 none enzyme involved in ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase complex
ALOX15B GI:85067502 GI:85067498 GI:39645887 GI:85067500 0.085 none 0.001 GI:182765463 GI:260166611 1.000 none involved in the production of fatty acid hydroperoxides
TACSTD2 GI:166795235 GI:238914823 GI:14495610 0.340 none 0.014 NM_002353
1.000 none cell surface receptor that transduces calcium signals
RAET1E GI:149790140 GI:73909189 0.197 none 0.151 GI:21040248 GI:341915375 GI:343183384 0.586 none delivers activating signals to NK cells
MAGEB1 GI:15489350 GI:164693182 GI:49456482 0.337 none 0.011 GI:284004909 GI:257796251 GI:257796250 0.0151 purifying tumor-associated antigen
CSF1 GI:18088910 GI:166235151 0.413 none 0.142 GI:347360911 GI:166235149 GI:384475524 0.657 none cytokine that controls the production, differentiation, and function of macrophages
CKAP2 GI:148664243 GI:148664200 GI:187950332 GI:15012012 0.278 none 0.084 NC_000013.10
0.320 none involved in regulating aneuploidy, cell cycling, and cell death
MUC1 GI:182252 GI:115528448 GI:324120948 0.085 none 0.389 GI:324120957 GI:324120955 GI:324120951 GI:324120950 0.716 none adhesion and anti-adhesion protein; involved in cell signaling
TMPRSS3 GI:14709533 GI:33991397 GI:145701031 0.736 none 0.008 GI:291167774 GI:145701029 GI:291167776 1.000 none serine protease; plays a role in hearing
FOLR2 GI:34785969 GI:166064049 GI:166064051 0.090 none 0.005 GI:166064049 GI:166064053 GI:166064055 1.000 none folate receptor
BYF3 GI:33873803 GI:110624585 GI:83641884 GI:83641883 0.137 none 0.049 GI:224177471 GI:1435190 GI:179571 GI:179575 0.686 none involved in transcriptional initiation
TPBG GI:33872201 GI:262205658 GI:262205664 0.807 none 0.012 NC_000006.11 AC_000138.1 0.521 none possible cell adhesion molecule
EMP2 GI:16307197 GI:64692933 0.298 none 0.002 NC_000016.9 AC_000148.1 1.000 none epithelial membrane protein
TGM6 GI:33331029 GI:33331031 1.00 none 0.000 NC_000020.10 AC_000152.1 0.266 none associated with central nervous system development and motor function
NBR1 GI:112382227
0.359 none 0.504 GI:33869357 GI:111120332 0.018 purifying Function unknown
CALM2 GI:19913528 GI:16924228 GI:14250064 0.04 diversifying 0.524 GI:229577210 GI:13097164 0.026 diversifying Mediates enzymes, ion channels and other proteins
NRG1 GI:49522882 GI:34782767 GI:33873543 0.012 purifying 0.220 GI:236460384 GI:236464355 1 none signaling protein that mediates cell-cell interactions
SYTL2 GI:244790015 GI:244790004 GI:244790009 GI:244790019 0.012 purifying 0.097 GI:82571721 GI:34784984 GI:21951814 GI:21984183 0.482 none Involved in vesicle trafficking and melanosome distribution
BCAP31 GI:213511729 GI:213511011 GI:213511507 GI:40807164 GI:15680022 0.048 purifying 0.055 GI:374253795 GI:374253793 0.083 none multi-pass endoplasmic reticulum transmembrane protein
ILK GI:3150001 GI:16306740 GI: 8648884 0.013 purifying 0.007 GI:62420874 GI:62420871 GI:62420872 GI:8308037 0.222 none serine/threonine protein kinase
LIMS1 GI:13529136 GI:336455030 0.016 purifying 0.007 GI:164697166 GI:34528462 GI:336455029 <0.001 purifying likely involved in integrin signaling
CHST4 GI:23273964 GI:262205557 GI:262205902 0.016 purifying 0.021 GI:262205902 GI:262205557 0.018 purifying sulfotransferase; modifies glycan structures on ligands of the lymphocyte homing receptor L-selectin
EBAG9 GI:17389375 GI:13528905 GI:18490914 0.009 purifying 0.072 GI37694064 GI:37694063 GI:158254733 0.289 none tumor-associated antigen
NACA GI:76779232 GI:333033786 GI:163965363 0.002 purifying 0.186 GI:85397251 GI:85397957 GI:60116922 0.755 none Component of nascent polypeptide-associated complex; prevents mistranslocation of proteins
OCIAD1 GI:13097314 GI:56789926 0.036 purifying 0.065 GI:269914125 GI:269914123 GI:269914126 GI:269914124 GI:269954665 0.005 purifying tumor-associated antigen
  1. P-distances are given for cancer-associated sequences only. See text for further explanation.