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Table 2 Initial values

From: Dynamics of glucose and insulin concentration connected to the β‐cell cycle: model development and analysis

Variable Initial Value Definition
G1(0) 958000 number of cells in G1‐phase
S(0) 14000 number of cells in S‐phase
G2/M(0) 28000 number of cells in G2/M‐phase
G(0) 200 mg 100 ml blood glucose concentration
I(0) 0.01 mg 100 ml blood insulin concentration
X1(0) 0.0012 mg releasable amount of insulin
X2(0) 0.0005 mg non‐releasable amount of insulin
P(0) 0 provision of insulin
  1. Initial values and definition of variables in model (9) used for the simulations shown in Figures5 and6.