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Figure 8 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Figure 8

From: Dysmorphometrics: the modelling of morphological abnormalities

Figure 8

Distribution of local form differences and overlaying estimated model. Resulting distributions and overlaying AWGN model of the practical Ext-P ML-estimator for local form differences found on the three types of facial assessment for the subject illustrated in Figure 4. Top to Bottom: abrupt change due to surgical intervention, asymmetry and discordancy. Left Collumn: robust superimposition results using κ = 2. Right Collumn: unweighted superimposition results using κ = 6 (mimicking the LSS Procrustes ML-estimator as demonstrated in Figure 7). The tighter the fit of the model onto the main peak of the distribution the better the model describes true differences in form.

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