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Table 3 Values of the parameters used during the numerical simulations

From: On a new law of bone remodeling based on damage elasticity: a thermodynamic approach

Data Symbol Values Units
Maximum density ϕmax 1.75 g/cm3
Minimal density ϕmin 0.01 g/cm3
Initial density ϕ0 0.6 g/cm3
The step of time Δt 5.10-3 UT
The total force F 10 N
The distance between 2 centers d 25 mm
Reference stimulus value Sref 0.04 MPA
The fatigue life of the bone fd 3 years
n-unit elements of the bone fragment   50  
  1. m (m < n ) is the total number of osteocytes in the bone fragment.
  2. Constants α = 3 β = 0.5 D0 = 0.8 c = 100 τ = 1.