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Table 1 Names used for Variables

From: The biochemistry of acetaminophen hepatotoxicity and rescue: a mathematical model

In equations In text Full name
gapap gAPAP APAP in the gut
papap pAPAP APAP in the plasma
pas pAPAP-S APAP sulfonate in the plasma
pag pAPAP-G APAP glucoronidate in the plasma
pnqgsh pNAPQI-GSH NAPQI-GSH complex in the plasma
lapap lAPAP APAP in the liver
lpaps lPAPS liver phosphoadenosine-phosphosulfate
las lAPAP-S APAP sulfonate in the liver
lag lAPAP-G APAP glucoronidate in the liver
lnq lNAPQI NAPQI in the liver
lcov covalent binding covalent binding of NAPQI in the liver
lnqgsh lNAPQI-GSH NAPQI-GSH complex in the liver
lgsh lGSH GSH in the liver
lh lH functional hepatocytes
lz lZ damaged hepatocytes
tapap tAPAP APAP in the tissue
tpaps tPAPS tissue phosphoadenosine-phosphosulfate
tas tAPAP-S APAP sulfonate in the tissue
tag tAPAP-G APAP glucoronidate in the tissue
uapap uAPAP APAP in the urine
uas uAPAP-S APAP sulfonate in the urine
uag uAPAP-G APAP glucoronidate in the urine
unq uNAPQI NAPQI in the urine
unqgsh uNAPQI-GSH NAPQI-GSH complex in the urine