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Figure 1

From: The Spatial Chemical Langevin Equation and Reaction Diffusion Master Equations: moments and qualitative solutions

Figure 1

Qualitatively different sample paths in the Gray Scott model depending on simulation method/numerical solution. A selection of patterns generated by the Gray-Scott model from the RDME (panels numbered 1), SCLE (panels numbered 2) and deterministic equations (panels numbered 3). Parameters used are as specified in the text, other than: a) k = 0.055, F = 0.025, b) k = 0.0625, F = 0.055 and c) k = 0.065, F = 0.04. All patterns are shown after a simulation time of 950 time units. Simulation time steps for the SCLE and deterministic approaches were 0.1 time units. The same results were found to hold with time steps reduced to 0.0025 time units.

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