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Table 2 Cost estimates of tumors based on increased glucose turnover and increased glucose recycling

From: Modeling the energetic cost of cancer as a result of altered energy metabolism: implications for cachexia

Study Additional glucose turnover in cancer patients p cancer , probability glucose in bloodstream consumed by tumor X anaerobic , % ATP generated from glycolysis in tumor Cost estimate of tumor based on glucose turnover and glucose recycling (for 70 kg patient)
C [23] 2.06 g/kg patient/day 44 % 26 % P cost_glucose  = 200 kcal/day
D [22] 0.850 g/kg patient/day 26 % 19 % P cost_glucose  = 94 kcal/day
E [21] 1.19 g/kg patient/day 27 % 4 % P cost_glucose  = 240 kcal/day
  1. Additional information about the calculation of p cancer , X anaerobic , K cost , and P cost_glucose are found in Additional file 4. Cost is rounded to two significant figures. Study C [23] compared patients with metastatic carcinoma who had progressive weight loss or were weight stable. Study D [22] compared cachexic metastatic colorectal cancer patients versus an age-related control group without cancer. Study E [21] compared malnourished cachexic cancer patients versus malnourished patients without cancer, where all patients had lost ~14-15 % of their normal body weight